Association Benefits International

Associations have trusted us to provide the highest level of digital marketing service to their members. From being a member benefit for members of the Florida Bar to helping members of local chamber of commerce, we aim to connect our customers with their desired consumers and/or clients.

Benefits are good and helpful results according to Merriam Webster and we strive every day to provide these for our customers. With defined goals, a process and current analytics, we are able to provide our clients with the intelligences they need to continuously improve consumer/client satisfaction.

International marketing technology is ever changing and we keep our customers up to date with proven concepts. We leverage the lessons we learn in one part of the world to help our customers in another part of the world. This approach ensures that our customers are connecting with their clients as efficiently as possible.

For over 25 years we have learn many lessons from serving the members of the Associations that selected us as a member benefit.  We continue to serve these members along with bringing these lessons to any business doing digital marketing.

Identifying what your clients want and doing a better job of giving it to them will make all the difference in your future success. We are here to become apart of your team.

Jim Powell brings with him a great deal of experience in Marketing and Sales. After working in Sales and Management positions with Corporations such as Proctor and Gamble, the IBM Corporation and New York New England Telephone (NYNEX) he headed successful Sales and Marketing teams for his own businesses.  As a Specialist at IBM he was in a position to bring together resources from multiple diverse IBM Divisions as a “Best” solution for specific customers and act as a single point of contact for these customers.

His experience has also included the design, development and implementation of highly beneficial Association Benefit Programs for a number of Associations which included the Florida Bar. These programs have saved Association members several thousands of dollars in Products and Services he has represented. With his design, Jim has been able to bring to Associations a Promotional allowance that allowed them to select a proper use of funds such as holding the line on Dues to the membership, especially in tighter financial times.

Jim and his wife Jody are residents of Florida, where he is involved in Community Association work, is active in his church, enjoys biking, boating and grandchildren.

Randy Duckworth is passionate about mobile and believes the future of business lies in the palm of our hand. His mission is simple, to connect business and consumers through the use of effective, affordable Digital Marketing. His developing strategy is to create a “Mobile First” approach, giving businesses the advantage in today’s highly competitive, on-the-move marketplace.

Randy served in the United States Air Force, enjoyed a successful career with Eastern Airlines, and is a founding partner of Association Benefits International. He also currently serves as President of Business Networking International Apollo Beach and serves as advisory council for various companies.  His most recent success, “Mobile Awareness 2013”, focused on educating professional and trade associations, charities, nonprofits and business owners on the value of a “Mobile Friendly” internet presence.

Raised in Tennessee, Randy has lived in South Caroline, Georgia, and Arizona, and has also traveled the US, Canada, Europe and the Caribbean.  He and his wife Mary live in Apollo Beach.  They enjoy spending time with family and friends, sailing, and island travel.