Technology moves quickly, and the expectation is that your website should be quick and responsive across all digital screens.  As a company that does website development, it is our job to ensure that we deliver a service that matches this consumer expectation.

A Responsive Website is a web design to provide an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices. Source: Wikipedia

Our Development Standards

Having a fast, well-coded company website will delight visitors and improve conversions, as well as boosting rankings in search engines.

At Association Benefits International, our company policy is that we deliver a website development service that enables us to develop and build websites that are:

  • Easy to use – our Content Management System reduces admin time in updating websites and managing data.
  • Quick – our robust website development processes keep your site nimble, intuitive and loved by search engines.
  • Mobile  – your website will have an automatic redirection code that will send mobile visitors to the dedicated mobile website that we create for the best online experience.
  • Ecommerce – we build online shopping websites that keep visitors returning for more and can increase the value of your online business.

We will always use the most appropriate technology to deliver the online experience the modern connected consumer desires.

Our Responsive Website Demo


Align your Messaging

Desktop and Laptop

It is extremely difficult to predict the intent of the always connected consumer, so we utilize current technology that automatically resize the content of a website for multiple screen sizes.

We ask our clients to provide content for the desktop visitor that is different than the mobile visitors content because they have a different need. This approach has proven to improve onsite interactions.

  • Tablet sales are expected to exceed 100 million this year. Our system is prepare to auto adjust to each screen size
  • Flexible images and fluid grids provides the smooth size movement to fit all screens.
  • We build one website and it works seamlessly across thousands of different screens.


Other companies offer responsive websites without taking into account the needs and power of the mobile visitor. They do not taking into account different needs of the on-the-go visitor.

We create a custom mobile website for all our responsive websites clients and give them the power to customize the content for each on-the-go moment along the purchasing path.

  • On-the-go visitors want quick and easy to navigate content
  • Visitors or three times more likely to share content via their iPhone versus their desktop.
  • The mobile web is twice as social as desktop. Consumers are nearly twice as likely to click and share content on social networks