Be Ready for every Consumer Moments



Today’s search technology has the ability to quickly know the device, time of day and the location to deliver the most relevant content for that moment. We strive to make a seamless transition from the search result to your the related content on your website.


After they select a desired search result, you have 6 seconds to impress them or they are gone!


Search engines recognizes the screen size of every device doing the search process and presents the search results in the best format for that screen size.

Consumers expect that same look and navigational ease on the following page after they click, tab or touch the desired result.

Time of Day

Search engines also note the time of day to improve the search experience by presenting relevant to time results.

The “connected consumer” expects more lunch results around noon than dinner results. They also expect to see a lunch special or menu presented properly on their screen upon arrival at a website.


Search engines want to provide the closes location and the most relevant results based on current device location.

After browsing a website, Consumers expect to find a quick and easy way to navigate to locations using the built in phone GPS App.

Proactive Digital Marketing

Planning ahead and incremental monthly optimization updates are critical to your digital marketing success


Who is your ideal client or customer?
Where do they socialize on the internet?
What words would they type into a search engine to find you?

After you know the answers to these questions, then make sure your brand is visible in all their locations.

A Dedicated Mobile Website

Someone riding as a passenger in a car has a different need than someone on the sofa typing the same search words. One needs brief content while on the go.

Relate to this moment and do not force them to use their thumbs to zoom, scroll, or pinch to find what they need at that moment.

Multiple Screen Sizes

Desktop, laptops, in-car monitor, smart TV’s, tablets, smartphones, and flip feature phones will be used to view your website everyday.

Are you as happy with how your brand looks on a 3 inch phone as you are when viewed on a 27 inch monitor?

Prepare your content to present your brand in the best way possible on all screen sizes.

Digital Commerce

Some customers like to shop via a Website but prefer to buy in physical stores.

While others like to shop in physical stores to get ideas on products, then buy online or from an in-store kiosk. This offers them a broader selection that can accommodate unique sizes or color preferences.

Prepare for these moments

Every click, touch or tap is a customer talking.

Monthly incremental adjustments to all 4 of these areas is critical to your online digital marketing success.

Please Have a Closer Look at the “PIZZA” Example

Each of these search results caters to a different consumer moment


The screen size of the device is detected by the search engine and the owner has predicted that:

Desktop or Laptop visitor would want a delivery

Mobile visitor would want to call, dine in and get directions

The owner has different content prepared for multiple screen interaction to ensure the store’s best image is presented.

Time of Day

Search engine noted the time of day and the owner preprogramed two campaigns:

Before 2pm, display the lunch ads

After 2pm, display the dinner ads

Mobile visitors are sent to the appropriatededicated mobile website that explains why the visitor should eat there and not somewhere else.

The website will display more details to serve a different need.


Search engines receives the location where the search is taking place and the owner wants to make the sale quickly.

Desktop or Laptop visitors are presented with an eCommerce check out that will save their information for quicker future sales.

Mobile visitors will have a one click to paydigital commerce option

The owner enjoys a very low merchant processing rate because he eliminated the Bank from the middle by creating a direct relationship with a processor.