Digital Commerce meets Digital Marketing

This is commerce in which many activities are seamlessly integrated into one experience – shopping, payment, marketing, loyalty, money management, offline and online experiences.

Whether they are shopping for merchandise, making financial services decisions, installing a virtual wallet on their mobile device, or deciding what payment accounts to use, consumer expectations for the Digital Commerce experience share a common thread. They want to know what their friends like. They want to find the best value. They want to know they are buying the right things. And they want it all now.
Merchants and financial institutions often think of their products and services according to the channels they use to promote and deliver to their retail customers. The physical store or the bank branch anchors the business. The online store or Web site is frequently operated as a different business organization. Offers and coupons are often considered advertising, and loyalty programs serve yet a different purpose. Each channel determines its own mission with customers. Then there are the new players in the online space, including offer publishers that provide daily deals and group buying opportunities; alternative payment services providers such as PayPal; and competing virtual wallets coming from entirely different entities like Google, Visa, mobile network operators, and others.
Merchants and financial institutions are navigating this still-unfamiliar territory. For consumers, however, it’s all very simple or, rather, it should be very simple. Whether they are looking at a camera in one store and at the same time purchasing it at another store, or buying groceries while standing on a subway platform, in the mind of the modern consumer, anything should be possible. And today, nearly anything is possible.

Mobile is the new Point of Sale

The time is now to lead the way, consumer are in control with more choices than ever. Presenting you with endless opportunities to better connect with consumers.

Our eCommerce solution start with online or on mobile transactions and can quickly extend to improve the in-store buying experience. All while saving you money with reduce processing fees.

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