Consumers are Searching, Shopping, and Spending on Mobile

Starting April 21, 2015, Google Search will be expanding its use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in Google Search results. Users will find it easier to get relevant, high quality search results optimized for their devices.

~ Google, April 2015

No Sound – We just want you to image how your customers are looking for you.

Features Included in your Dedicated Mobile Website

  • Call Us — Connect with customers faster by allowing them to call you with just one click. Your customers will click this feature to call you directly without dialing additional digits. You can add up to 6 Call Us features to your site.
  • Find Us — Help customers find you with just one click to a Google map and directions. Customers will be presented with a mobile-friendly map and directions to help them find your location. You can add up to 6 locations to your site. Multiple locations will be displayed on one page in the order they were added.
  • Full Website — Provide a link for customers to optionally use your full desktop site.
  • Opening Hours — Make sure customers know when you are open for business. You can enter opening hours for standard business days or enter the opening hours for each day separately.
  • Booking Request — Secure more business by allowing customers to book reservations or appointments directly from your mobile site. Or alternatively you can add a link to the booking request page on your existing website.
  • Images — Showcase your business with images of products, services locations etc. Simply add a link to an external photo gallery or upload up to 50 images to create your own gallery.
  • About — Users click on this to get information on your business.
  • Products — There are several options you can choose from: link to your existing products page on your full website, create an informational page detailing your products or create a full shopping cart
  • Coupons — Convert leads to business with special offers or coupons. Enter the information of the offer and select the expiry date of your offer [the expiry date is optional] . Once the expiry date is reached the Coupon/Special Offer will automatically be removed from your mobile site.
  • Menu — Menu – Add a menu to your site. You can either find your menu online or build your own.
  • Services — Customers can access information about your services with just one click and you can convert leads to business.
  • Call Me Back — Customers click this icon, enter their phone number and you call them back, offering a real convenience and great service.
  • Leave A Message — Customers can leave a message for you with just one click.
  • Tell A Friend — Grow traffic by allowing customers to send a message to friends containing a link to your mobile site and a brief message provided by you.
  • News Feed — Customers can access your news feeds to stay updated directly from your mobile site.
  • Blog — Customers can access your blog directly from your mobile site. This will link them directly to an existing blog.
  • Add Link — Customize this content by selecting a link to any page on an existing site you want to share with your mobile customers in one click.
  • Add Page — Add more content to your mobile site by increasing the number of pages with your own customized content. Each new page can be given a different title and icon
  • Forms — Create custom forms to suit your business needs. You can choose from multiple field types such as text fields, text areas, check boxes, radio buttons, and drop down menus. You can add up to 5 custom forms to your mobile site.
  • Videos — Display videos on your mobile site. Vimeo or YouTube video or a playlist/channel. You can add multiple videos to a page or add multiple video pages.
  • Event Calendar — This feature allows you to publicize your events using a Google Calendar feed. (Calendar feeds provide users with frequently updated content).
  • Reviews — Display your reviews from Foursquare and Yelp on your mobile site. The top 5 reviews will be displayed on your mobile site with a link to the review site.
  • Check-In Services — Allow customers to connect with your business on popular location based social sites including Foursquare and Google Places.
  • Facebook — Let customers access your Facebook updates with just one click to deepen your relationship and increase communication.
  • Twitter — Let customers follow your Tweets or find your brand with just one click so that you’re always in touch.
  • Site Translation — This feature allows the site visitor to select the language of their choice via an icon on your mobile site
  • Legal — Customers can access your primary legal disclaimers and information with one click. Enter text that describes your Copyright Information, Privacy Policy, and Terms & Conditions or provide a web address of a page on an existing site for each.
  • QR Code — Allows you to automatically create a marketing flyer and QR code to promote your business and mobile site.
  • Ads — Make extra revenue for your business by adding third-party advertising to your mobile site.
  • Site SEO — Enter keywords words and a short description that bests describes your business so that search engines can better index your site and have your mobile site displayed in search results on Yahoo, Google etc. when people search using those keywords. You can also add keywords to every active feature of your mobile site in the ‘Advanced Options’ area of each feature.
  • Analytics — Track how your customers are using your mobile site
    • What data can I view in the traffic tab? There are three tabs in Traffic, in each you can view daily, weekly and monthly data.
      • Visitor Data — This provides a view of the performance data of your mobile website. You can view visit counts, time on site and page views.
      • Visitor Profile Data — This allows you to drill down into your data by feature, device, device language and country.
      • Traffic Sources — You can see where traffic to your mobile site is coming i.e. search engines, direct traffic and referring traffic.
  • Site Cookies — It is a legal requirement in EU countries to inform visitors that your site used cookies and to obtain their consent. A cookie notification will be displayed in the header of your site. The cookie notification will be displayed until the visitor consents.
  • Redirection Code Generator — The redirection code can be embedded in your desktop site to send mobile visitors to your mobile site. Select the language of your desktop site to get the appropriate code. Then copy the code into your desktop site. You may require the help of your site developer for this step.