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Our Digital Marketing Connects your Brand with the 84% of Consumers

doing online research prior to making their buying decision.

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We love immersing ourselves in your business, learning your language and helping your company with all aspects of your digital marketing.

We have a Mobile First approach because we have watched the change in consumer shopping behavior over the last 3 years.

94% smartphone searches are for local information

80% of mobile searches trigged a store visit within 5 hours

29% of them made a purchase and did so quickly

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‘We need and want to be where the consumer is,’ says A. G. Lafley, CEO of P&G Bloomberg News, Reuters


A.G. Lafley, CEO of P&G

In the Wall Street Journal:

Proctor & Gamble Co. is now spending more than a third of its U.S. marketing budget on digital media, an aggressive shift as Americans for the first time are expected to spend more time online this year than watching television.

P&G chief executive A.G. Lafley said the consumer products giant’s digital spending on things like online ads and social media ranges from 25% to 35% of its marketing budget and is currently near the top of that range in the U.S., its biggest market. That is well beyond the estimated 20% to 25% share that digital ads typically claim of companies’ marketing budgets and highlights the threat to traditional advertising media like print.

The company is planning to spend more on advertising in its current fiscal year, and its growing emphasis on digital media reflects both the shift in where consumers are focused and a desire to increase the effectiveness of the money it spends. Company executives say digital marketing in many cases is proving to be a faster and cheaper way for P&G’s brands to reach consumers, and feedback is also faster.